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Injuries caused by someone else’s carelessness happen far more often than we like to think. While thankfully many such injuries quickly heal, in some instances long-term and sometimes permanent injury occurs, affecting forever the quality of life and earning potential of the innocent victim. If you have been injured as a result of someone’s carelessness or inattention, we encourage you to contact us. Learn more about Waterstone Injury Group »

Sharing the Road: The (Often Overlooked) Cyclist Right of Way

“Share the road” is a common admonition but unfortunately those behind the wheel of a vehicle are often guilty of not following this safety principle — and legal requirement.

In fact, a recent cycling safety study commissioned by the City

11 signs you may have a brain injury

As a personal injury lawyer I work with many people who have suffered from head trauma. As a result, I spend a great portion of my time reading through medical records and talking to my clients about their symptoms. I’ve …

Car vs. Pedestrian: is the driver always at fault?

It’s often said that when it’s car vs. person, the car always wins. So does it follow that a driver who injures a pedestrian is automatically at fault?  You might think so, but that’s not always the case.

We know …

Social Media: a false reality can damage your claim

Most of us are using social media in one way or another. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other forms of social media allow us to communicate with others and share details about our lives with just a click of a mouse …

Your Facebook Profile as Evidence Against You – Part 2

Roughly a year ago, I wrote a blog post titled “Your Facebook Profile as Evidence Against You.” Since that post, I have been contacted numerous times on the topic of Facebook profiles as evidence, most recently by Canadian

Drivers Responsible for their Passengers, especially Children Passengers

As a driver, you have a responsibility for the safety and care of your passengers.

This responsibility is not only to drive with due care and attention, but also to take reasonable steps to prevent foreseeable injuries.

The duty owed …

Maintaining a Pain Journal After a Motor Vehicle Collision

Should I keep a “pain journal” following my accident?

After an accident, substantial time can pass before the settlement with ICBC or your matter goes to trial.   It is very difficult to keep track of events unless they are written …

What to do After a Car Accident

There you are, out running errands or going about your daily commute, when the unthinkable happens:  a collision.  What should you do?

The best way to deal with a motor vehicle collision is to be prepared before one occurs.You should …

ICBC’s Demystifier of Auto Insurance: Demystifying the Demystifier

Ouch.  If you are a Canucks fan, last night was not a good hockey night!  Thankfully, at least for this last go-round in Boston, we weren’t subjected to any more of Vicki Gabereau’s ICBC ads on top of it.

The …

Your Facebook Profile as Evidence Against You

If you have been injured and are pursuing a claim for compensation, be mindful of what you post or publish on your social media profiles. Increasingly, content from sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Myspace is being used as evidence …