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As a partner in our litigation department, Kim has a varied practice handling personal injury claims, family law and estate litigation matters. In her personal injury practice, Kim works exclusively for the innocent victims of motor vehicle and other accidents, as they seek fair compensation for their injuries. She has experience in cases with multiple and serious injuries including brain injury, neck/back injuries, fibromyalgia, chronic pain syndrome, headaches, soft tissue injuries and fractures. Learn more about W. Kim Ashley »

ICBC’s Accusation of Fraud Backfires

Last month the British Columbia Supreme Court ordered ICBC to pay $350,000 in punitive damages to a woman that the insurance company wrongly accused of fraud – an amount that will ultimately come out of the pockets of ICBC’s policy …

I’m the Victim of a “Hit and Run” – What Should I Do?

Being in a car accident is overwhelming at the best of times, but what if the guy who crashed into you takes off and you have no idea who he is. What are you supposed to do then?

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My Child has been Injured in a Car Accident – What Should I Do?

It can be terrifying when your child has been injured in a collision.  Your first concerns, obviously, are for his or her well-being.  You may also be unsure of how to deal with ICBC because, as you might suspect, special …

I’ve Been Injured in a Car Accident – What Compensation Am I Entitled To?

If you have been injured in a collision through no fault of your own, you may be entitled to financial compensation.  It is helpful for you to know what that type of compensation might include, as your ICBC adjuster’s motivation

What Do You Mean ICBC Isn’t My Insurer?

You’ve been injured in a collision through no fault of your own. You know you’re entitled to compensation for your injuries, but you keep hearing that “ICBC is not your insurer”. You have your basic insurance through ICBC, so of

Snowmobiling: Keep it Fun, Keep it Safe

It may be a bit late this year, but the winter snow has finally arrived, the toys are out, and I am once again reminded of the dangers that can be involved in snowmobiling.

We all know that it is …

Court of Appeal Confirms Test – When Should Disbursements For Expert Reports Be Allowed?

In Fan v. Chana, 2009 BCSC 1127, an infant Plaintiff went to trial and was awarded damages for her injuries in the amount of approximately $32,000 and, in the usual fashion, was entitled to costs with liberty to …

Disbursement Loan Interest – Registrar Allows Only Partial Reimbursement

It is becoming more common for counsel to borrow funds from a lender to pay for the disbursements expended on behalf of the Plaintiff.  Whether the Plaintiff should be reimbursed by the Defendant for the interest on that loan has …

Outdoor Adventure Waiver Held Enforceable

Spring is here and you may be planning your next outdoor adventure.  When you arrive and you are asked to sign a waiver before embarking on the activity, you should be aware that the waiver is likely to be enforceable.  …

Hit and Run – Do you know what to do?

In a recent case, Ms. Morris was a passenger in her husband’s vehicle when they were rear-ended, causing their vehicle to collide with the vehicle ahead of them.  She suffered injuries as a result. 

The collision occurred on a busy …