11 signs you may have a brain injury

As a personal injury lawyer I work with many people who have suffered from head trauma. As a result, I spend a great portion of my time reading through medical records and talking to my clients about their symptoms. I’ve learned that no two brain injuries are the same, and can be caused by a blow to the head, or even the whiplash movement in a motor vehicle collision.

June is Brain Injury Awareness month, and while I am by no means a medical professional, I believe it’s important to discuss the various signs of a brain injury and what to do if you are experiencing symptoms.

The following is a list of common signs that indicate a possible brain injury, found in Fraser Health’s Booklet Concussions: A Guide to Understanding Symptoms and Recovery. It is important to contact a doctor if you suspect that you or someone you know may be experiencing any of these impairments:

  1. Headaches that persist or get worse over time
  2. Drowsiness or lack of responsiveness
  3. Repeat or forceful vomiting
  4. Seizures (i.e. convulsions, stiffness or fixed stares)
  5. Numbness or weakness in arms or legs
  6. Unsteadiness or clumsiness
  7. Blurred vision or unequal pupil size
  8. Blood or clear liquid coming from nose or ears
  9. Slurred speech
  10. Confusion or loss of memory
  11. Abnormal behavior or emotional responses

For more information about these symptoms and other potential impairments I encourage you to check out the Fraser Valley Brain Injury Association or HealthLinkBC.

It is very important that you report ALL injuries and symptoms to your doctor, not only for your health and safety, but also for your insurance claim. Proper documentation is CRITICAL to your motor vehicle claim! If your medical records don’t show that you reported symptoms after a motor vehicle collision, ICBC will argue that your injury could have been caused by an unrelated event, which will impact the amount of compensation that ICBC offers you.

It’s better to be safe and report all of your symptoms. If you are suffering from injuries as a result of a motor vehicle collision or slip and fall accident and have questions about causation, contact a lawyer who can explain the ins and outs of the legal process.

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