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Drivers Responsible for their Passengers, especially Children Passengers

As a driver, you have a responsibility for the safety and care of your passengers.

This responsibility is not only to drive with due care and attention, but also to take reasonable steps to prevent foreseeable injuries.

The duty owed …

Disbursement Loan Interest – Registrar Allows Only Partial Reimbursement

It is becoming more common for counsel to borrow funds from a lender to pay for the disbursements expended on behalf of the Plaintiff.  Whether the Plaintiff should be reimbursed by the Defendant for the interest on that loan has …

Maintaining a Pain Journal After a Motor Vehicle Collision

Should I keep a “pain journal” following my accident?

After an accident, substantial time can pass before the settlement with ICBC or your matter goes to trial.   It is very difficult to keep track of events unless they are written …