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Welcome to the Waterstone BC Injury Lawyers Blog. We’re glad you found us and we hope you find our take on things interesting and helpful.

Every day we meet people who have been injured, often in motor vehicle crashes, who have no idea about the legal or insurance issues they face. This holds true not only for your average car crash, but for almost every accident imaginable.

Consider the act of purchasing insurance. Be it auto, life, disability, medical or home policies, most people have no idea what they are buying!  And looking at industry jargon:  “third party liability”, “own employment”, “natural disaster”, “total disability”, “rider”, “fault”, “no-fault”; it comes as no surprise that most people just throw up their hands in frustration and say:

“look, I just want insurance… preferably as cheap as possible!”

Insurance, however, isn’t just a “one size fits all” purchase.  You are definitely in the “apples and oranges” world. Claims against you can be in the millions, as can the money required to care for yourself or an injured loved one. Consequently, you need to know what type of apple or orange you are buying. If you don’t, and you or a loved one is injured or you seriously injure someone else, chances are “you ain’t going to like them apples.”

People don’t read fine print, and even if they did, it probably wouldn’t help.  Let’s face it, we know our blogging isn’t going to demystify the legal interpretation required to understand what a contract really means. But we do think we can break down some of the barriers, and make the road to understanding the injury laws in this province a bit easier to navigate.

Our goal is simply to provide general education about personal injuries and the insurance issues surrounding them. And in doing so, make more sense of the “fine print.”  We’ll give you ‘our take’ on topical cases, events, and the day’s news coverage; and relate those scenarios back to general insurance and legal principles in a format designed for you.  We hope that you will find this interesting, useful and at times –despite the subject- entertaining.

And on that note, we would love to hear back from you.  Now or in the future, please feel free to provide feedback on what we’ve written, as well as your ideas for future topics.

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